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East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979
Guestbook Archive: Volume 1
(26 November 1999 - 23 September 2000)

This page was last modified on 30 November 2004.

Please note: This Guestbook is open to all visitors to the East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979 web site. Anyone wishing to make comments about our class, our members, or our site is welcome to post here. Of course, nonclass members are expected to show their school and class pride by identifying their schools and classes!

Lisa Setzer McDonald from Kernersville wrote on Saturday, 23 September 2000, 19:04:39 EDT:
E-mail: RoyJunebug@gateway.net
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Wow!! I hate I missed the reunion. For everyone out there, yes, Roy McDonald and I are still married. Some people cannot believe we made it 20 years. I just found the website; I love it; someone did a great job. I hope to hear from some of you.
Lisa Mellen Rozek from Mebane, NC wrote on Sunday, 10 September 2000, 09:24:56 EDT:
Comments: I will soon be relocating back to Walkertown. I'll update later.
Joyce Stafford Williams from Winston-Salem wrote on Monday, 31 July 2000, 22:52:53 EDT:
E-mail: jswpdw@earthlink.net
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: My apologies, Matt, for not having signed the guestbook before. I have made several trips to the site and you've done a great job. A prior committment kept me away from the reunion. Maybe next time. And, by the way, the fetal pig count holds at zero. Now, get back to the GOP convention!!

Class Webmaster response:
Please note: For those of you at a loss over the arcane references, this entry resulted from a personal e-mail sent by the webmaster, and I hope you'll allow me to explain.
    I used the subject line "Buried any fetal pigs lately" which is a reference to a bonding experience Joyce and I, not to mention the other students of Eleanor Ross's Advanced Biology class, had at the end of our junior year. The final dissection of the year was a thorough study of mammalian physiology utilizing fetal pigs. Mrs. Ross had us dispose of the carcasses by ceremoniously burying them behind the football stadium up by the chain link fence at the top of the hill overlooking I-40. I remember it well, and Joyce had remarked on it when she signed my copy of Aquila 1978.
    Those of you who know me, know that I'm very opinionated and none too shy about expressing my opinions regardless of how controversial they may be or who might be upset by them. Even so, please pardon my political partisanship on our class web site; it is offered for information purposes only.
    As the son and grandson of retired Teamsters and a native Tar Heel, I grew up blue-collar, union, and Southern; I don't think I have to say "Democrat." Though I was registered Unaffiliated, in the six biennial elections from 1980 through 1990, the number of Republicans I voted for can be counted in single digits and that number includes neither Ronald Reagan nor Jesse Helms. I probably voted for Steve Neal more often than I voted for a Republican!
    I moved to Guilford County in 1991 after my Gulf War service but waited to register to vote until 1992. Apparently, five years of active duty in the Army did something to me because I inconceivably declared myself to be "Republican"! Like all good converts, I'm a "true believer." Since 1992, I have voted for Republicans only and adamantly have refused to vote for any Democrat in a partisan race.
    Part of my election year activism is the inclusion of suitably pro-GOP comments in the signature block of my personal e-mail. Currently I'm using "Your country is a terrible thing to waste. Vote Republican!" and "SMASH CLINTONISM! VOTE REPUBLICAN!". This is the source of Joyce's "GOP convention" comment.
    By the way, speaking of GOP convention speakers, when I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA, I had the honor of marching for General Colin Powell when he was the guest of honor for a division change of command ceremony! HOO-WAH! -- Matt Wallace, Class Webmaster
Pam Richardson from Winston-Salem wrote on Monday, 31 July 2000, 16:54:29 EDT:
E-mail: pamr1999@yahoo.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1980
Comments: Hello to all! I hope everyone is doing well. We're planning our 20 year reunion so if you know of anyone from the Class of 1980, please ask them to send their full name and mailing address to efhs1980@yahoo.com. Best wishes!!
Dean Crews from Chevy Chase, Md. wrote on Monday, 24 July 2000, 09:50:09 EDT:
E-mail: Cdeancrewsing@aol.com
Comments: Hello, class of '79! Sorry I missed the reunion. This website is a great way of keeping track of old friends. (Great job, Matt!)
Lorenzo Ingram from Greensboro, North Carolina wrote on Thursday, 6 July 2000, 04:59:59 EDT:
E-mail: ingraml1@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi gang, it is refreshing to have a website where classmates can stay in touch. I work at Wachovia with Mike Beshears. We just happen to run into each other. If anyone remembers me send an e-mail.
Dale Mark Hubbard from Kernersville, NC wrote on Monday, 3 July 2000, 15:07:17 EDT:
E-mail: dalhub@earthlink.net
Comments: I'm too young to be this old...
Junior Swift from Kernersville, N.C. wrote on Wednesday, 14 June 2000, 22:02:11 EDT:
E-mail: swiftone@netscape.net
Comments: This is a great site and I have contacted another graduate and they will be sending their info soon. Thanks, Jr.
Sherrie Janice Hester (Mabe) wrote on Wednesday, 14 June 2000, 18:25:06 EDT:
E-mail: Mabe526@msn.com
Comments: [none]
Becky (Holder) Karr from Kernersville, NC wrote on Wednesday, 7 June 2000, 08:24:00 EDT:
E-mail: bkarr@keyrisk.com
Comments: Thanks for the reminder to visit the website. I had a great time at the reunion!
Leigh Anne Thomas Watkins from King, NC wrote on Wednesday, 7 June 2000, 08:18:35 EDT:
E-mail: lwatkins@wfubmc.edu
Comments: It is great being kept up to date with our graduating class. I have been in touch with one classmate since first hearing about the reunion and it was nice to catch up. I missed this reunion but plan to attend the 25th year reunion. It is still hard to believe that we have been out of school for 21 years now. Matt, thanks for the hard work you have done on the web site. It looks good!
Sonya Swann wrote on Wednesday, 24 May 2000, 10:04:42 EDT:
E-mail: sonya.swann@saraleedirect.com
Comments: Hello Everyone! I have really enjoyed reading all of the comments from our classmates. It's nice to know that you guys are doing well. I would really like to hear more from those with kids. I have a son that will be six years old in August. He is truly a blessing and a joy! Deidra Bradford Oates where are you????? Let me know how you and the boys are doing. Congratulations Mike & Sharon!!
Debra Allen Pankey from Winston-Salem, NC wrote on Wednesday, 10 May 2000, 22:56:56 EDT:
E-mail: debra_pank@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi Matt, Just hanging around here with my girls and reading this newsletter. I am going to do a better job of replying on the internet. I also plan to order the video soon! It was so good to see the addresses of the classmates that I have not seen in 20 years. Thanks for the info and I will look to hear from you all soon.
Doug Wolford from Herndon, VA wrote on Friday, 5 May 2000, 10:35:58 EDT:
URL: http://corporate.verisign.com/news/resources/wolford.html
Comments: Hello fellow East Forsythians (?)! I hope all is well in NC -- though a lot of us are scattered here and there, including me here in Virginia. Thanks to Matt for putting together the site!
Lisa Sears Spoon from Kernersville, NC wrote on Wednesday, 3 May 2000, 11:57:44 EDT:
E-mail: lspoon@ols.net
Comments: Matt, just to let you know thanks for all your hard work in trying to keep everyone in touch. I hope that we all can get back together in 2004. For some of those that did not make it, hopefully they will be able to attend this one. Thanks again to everybody that helped make this a big success. Look forward seeing the classmates of 1979 again.
Mike Shelton from Kernersville, NC wrote on Tuesday, 2 May 2000, 21:57:59 EDT:
E-mail: TShel7@aol.com
Comments: thanks.. great newsletter.. please keep it going..
jerry wayne crews from kernersville n c wrote on Friday, 28 April 2000, 23:43:49 EDT:
E-mail: plummuffin@aol.com
Comments: [none]
john walker from wilmington wrote on Tuesday, 25 April 2000, 20:51:56 EDT:
E-mail: crzerthnu@aol
Comments: sorry I did not hear about the date for the 20th reunion hope to see everyone at the 25th
Mike Beshears from Kernersville, NC wrote on Saturday, 18 March 2000, 13:17:39 EST:
URL: http://members.aol.com/msbeshears/     E-mail: msbeshears@aol.com
Comments: Matt, looks like we're getting a great amount of hits on the website. Great job and it just keeps getting better. To all the 1979 alumni, thanks for making the 20 year reunion a huge success. Special thanks to Lisa Sears, Lisa Angell, Ken Stafford, Tina Redmon, Penny Brooks, and Kim Johnson for the wonderful job you all did. To all those who we didn't get a chance to get the word out to, please keep in touch, and WE WANT TO SEE YOU IN 2004! Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Tonya Lovett Moore from Charlotte, NC wrote on Friday, 17 March 2000, 09:21:11 EST:
E-mail: Tonyamoore@aol.com
Comments: I have really enjoyed visiting the "Class of 79" website. It has enabled me to communicate with several friends that I have lost touch with since leaving the W-S area. You've done a wonderful job building this site! Thanks, Matt. It has been nice traveling down memory lane!

[Note: This entry is an edited version of a personal e-mail sent to the webmaster; it's good to be of use to Class of '80 members, too! -- Matt Wallace]
Terry Putnam Walker from The Woodlands, TX wrote on Wednesday, 15 March 2000, 18:00:31 EST:
E-mail: terdon@aol.com
Comments: This is a great website. I have had our school in my mind lately especially now that we have moved far away. What great memories.
Larry Clyde Fulp Jr. from Winston-Salem wrote on Friday, 10 March 2000, 22:07:38 EST:
E-mail: 1Fulpst@prodigy.net
Comments: Great Job all of you have done!!!
JEFF LEONARD from WINSTON-SALEM wrote on Thursday, 9 March 2000, 07:09:20 EST:
ROBERT F. WHEELER from GRANITE FALLS NC wrote on Wednesday, 8 March 2000, 15:07:30 EST:
E-mail: www.robert@printimage.com
Comments: I think we should have a party aka reunion every year!! Hell I haven't had that much fun since I played Santa Clause at the Walkertown Mall I mean shopping center. Oh, by the way, all you ladies haven't gotten older, you've gotten better!!! Great to see all of you again and look forward to seeing you all again in 5 years. MATT, great job making this site user friendly so even I can use it!!!!
kathy inman gray from kernersville wrote on Monday, 28 February 2000, 23:48:05 EST:
E-mail: kathy.gray@backIIfun@aol.com
Comments: [none]
Dana Jones from King, NC wrote on Monday, 28 February 2000, 00:06:20 EST:
E-mail: djones8831@aol.com
Comments: First time seeing what you've done to the web page...it looks great! Can't wait to see what is next. Keep up the good work. Dana
Mark D. McCall from Georgia wrote on Friday, 25 February 2000, 21:02:27 EST:
E-mail: mdmccalll@earthlink.net
Comments: Matt, I think I use to be on the wrestling team with you. You have done an outstanding job creating the site. I honestly didn't ever want to see East Forsyth or Kernersville again. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Mark
Billy R. France from Ft. Campbell Ky wrote on Friday, 25 February 2000, 12:50:27 EST:
E-mail: longleg@hotmail.com
Comments: Thanks Matt. It is good to see that someone is trying to pull us back together. I am in Winston Salem on leave right now and I really would like to talk or see some of you before I move on. My telephone number is 336-788-7935. I will be in town until March 20th.
Brenda Cox Chandler from Killeen, Texas wrote on Friday, 25 February 2000, 10:38:50 EST:
E-mail: bjcox_99@yahoo.com
Comments: [none]
Debra Allen Pankey from Winston-Salem, NC wrote on Thursday, 24 February 2000, 07:57:02 EST:
E-mail: debra_pank@yahoo.com
Comments: I am so glad that I found this site. It will be a great help in keeping touch.
Deborah (Debbie) Tolbert-Roberts from Winston-Salem wrote on Tuesday, 15 February 2000, 20:51:23 EST:
E-mail: ncprincess79@aol.com or dtroberts60@yahoo.com
Comments: This site is great! I missed the reunion. When will we be having the next one? Thanks Matt you've done a great job!
Janet Lynn Holcomb Matthews from Belews Creek, NC wrote on Monday, 14 February 2000, 20:32:34 EST:
E-mail: jhmatthe@ws.novanthealth.org
Comments: I really hate I missed the reunion. I'll be sure to make the next one though. Enjoyed the pics from the reunion. I'm still trying to figure out who some of the people are. Thanks for your hard work on the site Matt. Always knew you would amount to something.
Bernadine Jonas Cope from Winston-Salem wrote on Saturday, 12 February 2000, 22:27:56 EST:
E-mail: copeflwr@aol.com
Comments: [none]
Brian Husak from Chesapeake, Va wrote on Saturday, 12 February 2000, 15:29:37 EST:
E-mail: thehusaks@aol.com
Comments: If you are ever in the area..stop by and see us...
Russell West (Rusty) from Winston-Salem wrote on Saturday, 12 February 2000, 00:16:56 EST:
E-mail: rwest@rfmd.com
Comments: Good job on the site! Thanks Matt. Enjoyed looking at the pictures of the reunion.
Rick Kiger from Clemmons, NC wrote on Thursday, 10 February 2000, 22:06:28 EST:
E-mail: rkiger@netunlimited.net
Comments: It was great to see so many old (meaning "longtime") friends at the reunion. I must say we are aging gracefully! Let's keep in touch through this great website. Thanks Matt, for the good work.....
Barbara Lee Gibson from Garner, NC wrote on Thursday, 10 February 2000, 21:55:18 EST:
E-mail: scrmom24@hotmail.com
Comments: This website is great. I enjoy finding out about everyone. Thanks for all the hard work.
Pam Harrison from Winston-Salem wrote on Thursday, 10 February 2000, 20:51:39 EST:
E-mail: pdharr6110@aol.com
Comments: [none]
Mike Shelton & Terri Horton Shelton from kernersville N C, 27284 wrote on Thursday, 10 February 2000, 08:55:03 EST:
Comments: The page looks great.. thanks for the hard work... Mike Shelton
Sateria "Teri" Hairston Tinsley from Atlanta, GA wrote on Thursday, 10 February 2000, 08:47:07 EST:
E-mail: Teri@alumni.duke.edu
Comments: Hate I missed the reunion. We were relocating from Dallas, TX to Atlanta, GA at the time. Hope everyone is doing well. Guess I'll see you guys at the next one in five. Hey give me a call or better yet send me an email.
Barbara "Char"lene Lee Burgess from Walkertown, NC wrote on Thursday, 10 February 2000, 08:18:04 EST:
E-mail: TanFan61@aol.com
Comments: The site is just great! I really enjoyed looking at all the pics from the 20th reunion. Looks like you all had a blast! Wish i could have been there! Looking forward to 2004!!
Jeff Peacock from Winston-Salem, NC wrote on Sunday, 30 January 2000, 21:31:48 EST:
E-mail: JGPeacock@aol.com
Comments: It's great to see so many from the Class of 79 participating in this web page. Thanks to Matt for keeping it up to date. Best to all and keep in touch.
kimberly johnson martin from 1764 union cross rd., kernersville, nc 27284 wrote on Tuesday, 25 January 2000, 08:16:20 EST:
E-mail: martbild2@aol.com
Comments: I would like everyone to know how much fun it was working with the people who helped pull this reunion off. It gave us a chance to rebuild friendships & to gain new ones too. Thanks Guys! You all are special & what a blast I had! Thanks for all who came-great turn out! Let's get the word out for a better 25 yr. reunion. Matt, great work!!
KATHY 'DOLLARHITE' HALLMAN from ASHEVILLE, NC wrote on Wednesday, 19 January 2000, 12:40:05 EST:
E-mail: kathy.hallman@firstunion.com
Comments: The reunion was very well done as is this site! It was a joy to see old friends again. Am looking forward to the next visit.
Regina Skeens (Wagstaff) from Winston Salem, NC wrote on Thursday, 13 January 2000, 08:34:56 EST:
E-mail: ReginaSkeens@aol.com
Comments: [none]
RICKY BRYANT from KERNERSVILLE, N.C. wrote on Wednesday, 12 January 2000, 17:26:35 EST:
E-mail: BIGRICKL31@aol.com
Lisa (Sears) Spoon from Kernersville, NC wrote on Wednesday, 12 January 2000, 16:20:07 EST:
E-mail: lspoon@ols.net
Comments: Matt, thanks for doing all the hard work on the website. It was really great seeing everyone again. Let's do it again in five. Let's get some ideas rolling. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2000.
Pat Simmons Crouse wrote on Wednesday, 12 January 2000, 08:26:19 EST:
E-mail: pat_crouse@ustrust.com
Comments: The website is wonderful! I thoroughly enjoy looking at this and going down memory lane. We have all grown up so much.
Debbie Scudder Platt from Laramie, Wy wrote on Thursday, 6 January 2000, 21:36:35 EST:
E-mail: OleScudder@aol.com
Comments: Made it to the reunion and had a blast. Great to see all of you. Wish I could make it home more often.
CMSgt Kerry Smith from Wichita, Kansas wrote on Tuesday, 4 January 2000, 09:29:04 EST:
E-mail: kerrysmith@visto.com
Comments: Glad to see you have this site. Since I've been in the AF, I've lost contact with anyone you graduated in '79 and therefore have missed any of the previous reunions. Hopefully I'll be able to attend the next one.
Michael & Sharon Beshears from 2632 Piney Grove Road, Kernersville, NC 27284 wrote on Thursday, 9 December 1999, 18:34:11 EST:
URL: http://members.aol.com/msbeshears/     E-mail: msbeshears@aol.com
Comments: [none]
Blake Kreeger from Georgia wrote on Monday, 29 November 1999, 17:01:13 EST:
E-mail: abkreeger@hoshizaki.com
Comments: [none]
Dwayne Beeson wrote on Monday, 29 November 1999, 08:25:27 EST:
E-mail: beesond@rjrt.com
Comments: [none]
Leigh Anne Thomas Watkins wrote on Monday, 29 November 1999, 08:05:20 EST:
E-mail: lwatkins@wfubmc.edu
Comments: I was unable to attend the class reunion recently but thanks for keeping us all updated. Maybe I can make the next one. Thanks again.
Tim Utt from Winston-Salem wrote on Sunday, 28 November 1999, 21:08:34 EST:
E-mail: timutt@aol.com
Comments: Great site. I hate I missed the reunion. Looking forward to talking to all my old friends. Thanks for the site.
J. Scott Coe from Thomasville, N.C. wrote on Saturday, 27 November 1999, 21:25:17 EST:
E-mail: straycat1961@yahoo.com
Comments: [none]
CLYDE FULP from WINSTON-SALEM wrote on Saturday, 27 November 1999, 20:41:41 EST:
Comments: [none]
Matt Wallace from Greensboro, NC, USA wrote on Friday, 26 November 1999, 19:20:06 EST:
URL: http://www.CompleatHeretic.com/     E-mail: CompleatHeretic@yahoo.com
Comments: This is the obligatory webmaster test of the Guestbook Form.

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