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East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979

This page was last modified on 25 April 2008.

Please note: This Guestbook is open to all visitors to the East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979 web site. Anyone wishing to make comments about our class, our members, or our site is welcome to post here. Of course, nonclass members are expected to show their school and class pride by identifying their schools and classes!

Frankie Cruz wrote on 22 April 2008, 12:14:27 EDT:
http://www.myspace.com/onemixdj     E-mail: onemixdj@yahoo.com
High School: Lejeune High School     Class: 1983
Comments: My name is Frankie Cruz. I'm a native New Yorker who (as a matter of fact) spent the latter part of my childhood in Camp Lejeune, NC due to my father's military service. I'm a graduate of Lejeune High School - Class of 1983. I came across your website regarding Curtis Hairston and was very touched. As a DJ, upon returning to NY in 1986, Curtis' tracks were "beyond gold" in my record crates. :) So for what it's worth, feel free to remind your fellow classmates as well as Curtis' family and let them know that in the music world of New York City, DJ's today continue to give tribute to Curtis Hairston; and he remains forever missed.

Kindest Regards,
Frankie Cruz
"...on the 1's and 2's..."
"Life is music....MIX IT!"

[Please note: This entry is adapted from an e-mail sent to the webmaster/class web site regarding our late classmate Curtis Hairston. In his all-too-brief life, Curtis had the chance to live his dream of being a recording artist which is more than most folks can say after a full life much less half a lifetime. It's always good to hear from Curtis's fans. Remember! -- Matt Wallace, Class Webmaster]
Regina Lynne Hudgins Cox from King NC wrote on Sunday, March 23, 2008, 13:55:53 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Breast Cancer survivor. I'm still here. Thinking of you all at this time. Hope to make the next class reunion.
Jeff Smith from Walnut Cove wrote on Thursday, 31 May 2007, 13:11:52 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1980
Comments: I wish our class had a web site like this.
Penny Stephens from Kernersville, NC wrote on Thursday, 31 May 2007, 02:44:03 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: [none]
Debbie Platt from Laramie, Wyoming wrote on Wednesday, 8 November 2006, 22:02:09 EST:
High School: East Forsyth High School     Class: 1979
Comments: Good Job Matt! The web site is great. Good to see some of the names! Sad to see who has left us. I only get home to Kernersville once a year...so, hard to see anyone. Keep up the good work. Yeah, it's hell getting older!
LeVon D. Watson Jr. from San Diego, Ca. wrote on Sunday, 9 April 2006, 12:50:31 EDT:
http://www.blaqhol.com     E-mail: muzikmaker@cox.net
High School: East Forsyth Senior High School     Class: 1979
Comments: We ROCKED! Hi Matt!
Alison Huerson from USA wrote on Tuesday, 15 February 2006, 01:05:52 EST:
Comments: Fantastic website you have here. Glad to put my step on it. I send you and your visitors my best greetings!
Mark & Lisa Beasley (Lisa Echols) from Walnut Cove wrote on Thursday, 9 February 2006, 16:44:41 EST:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: We have enjoyed visiting the site very much and catching up on classmates. I look forward to the next reunion!
Sateria Hairston Tinsley from Duluth, GA wrote on Monday, 23 January 2006, 00:07:00 EST:
High School: East Forsyth Senior High School     Class: 1979
Comments: Matt...Thanks for your dedication to this site. I appreciate the communication channel you've kept open for our class enjoyment.
Darren Welborn from Philadelphia PA wrote on Sunday, 18 December 2005, 19:51:03 EST:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Just wanted to say HI ALL :) Hope all is well with you guys. And also Hi Lisa McDonald hope that you and yours are fine.
Tim Overman from Yorktown VA wrote on Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 03:53:19 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Great website !!!!!!! I plan on making it to the next reunion. I hope everyone stays in good health until then. Take care everyone !!!!!
Vera Guthrie from WS wrote on Sunday, 18 September 2005, 19:13:02 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Just wanted to let everyone know my beloved Mother passed away on 08/19/05. As a lot of you knew I had taken care of her since my High School Days. I will truly miss my best friend.
Tim Ross from Florida wrote on Friday, 2 September 2005, 05:19:21 EDT:
High School: Riverview HS, Sarasota FL     Class: 1960
Comments: I have a small site devoted to my high school class, and found your site while shoping around for other ways to do such things. I'm really impressed by the clean and neat look of your site, and by the especially nice functional layout. When I next do some major revisions, I'll no doubt use some of your good ideas! Thanks very much for the huge amount of work you must have put into this.
India Reaves from Durham, NC wrote on Tuesday, 23 August 2005, 17:00:21 EDT:
High School: Carver High School     Class: 2002
Comments: Hello to everyone in the East Forsyth Class of 1979. My name is India Reaves and I am the daughter of your fellow classmate, Kathy Reaves. I apologize for just now posting this, but better late than never. I just wanted to thank you all for posting my mother's obituary on your website. I really appreciate that kind gesture. I have meet many of you and I am so glad that so many of you showed up to the funeral and gave your support and condolensces during my lost. I now realize that I was not the only one who lost something when my mother passed away, but we all suffered the lost. She was a rare jewel and she will never be replaced. I am sure that she is smiling down on me from Heaven right now as I type this and she is very grateful that her classmates care so much about her. Like I said I do appreciate all that you have done.
Doldonchik wrote on Friday, 5 August 2005, 18:21:04 EDT:
Comments: This makes me speachless :) Very well done!
Cynthia Reynolds Booe from Mocksville, NC wrote on Saturday, 30 July 2005, 19:18:39 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1986
Comments: [none]
Ronald Jones from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma wrote on Thursday, 7 July 2005, 15:39:05 EDT:
High School: Muscle Shoals High     Class: 1981
Comments: I am looking for Alan Rash, the brother of Brian Rash, or any one from the Rash Family. My Home # is 580-355-2225 or 580-695-5265. Thanks
Ppain1 from USA wrote on Saturday, 25 June 2005, 23:32:31 EDT:
High School: Mississuckewa     Class: 1989
Comments: Your school seems better than mine.
Karen Hannon Puryear wrote on Thursday, 16 June 2005, 14:53:17 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1986
Comments: I just have to say that your Web site about your class' reunions for East Forsyth is THE BOMB!!! I actually am a 1986 graduate of East, but my brothers graduated from East in either 1976 or 1977 ... I can't remember. My brothers' names are Kevin, Timothy ("Tim"), and Anthony ("Tony") Hannon. Not sure if you were there with them or not. Anyway, I am helping to plan our 20th reunion for 2006 and did a search on the Internet and found your site. It is so thorough and gave me a lot of good ideas, based on the info you provided on your reunion. Kudos to you, fellow Eagle!
Mike Bunnell from Dover, Pennsylvania wrote on Tuesday, 7 June 2005, 18:29:45 EDT:
E-mail: mkbunnell@netrax.net
High School: West York Area Senior High School (Bulldogs)     Class: 1975
Comments: Thanks a bunch to Matt Wallace for his help in returning a class ring I found here in Dover, Pa. to the Class of 1983's Kimberly Dyson (Now Dawn Cook). Matt, you are a good man. God Bless the class of 1979 for people like you. Mike Bunnell
Erin Freeman from Belews Creek wrote on Saturday, 4 June 2005, 16:24:47 EDT:
Comments: Hey! My mother and cousin graduated from this school! My cousin was class of 2000 but i dont know my mothers! I plan to go to East later on in the years to come! Thanks for all you have done! P.S. Go **EaGlEs**!!!!! Love Yall! , Erin
Richard OKeefe wrote on Tuesday, 24 May 2005, 16:33:04 EDT:
E-mail: richard@cashette.com
Comments: Nice one, but i think you should focus on improving a little bit and putting new content. Ohterwise i always encourage such ideas.
Ruby Moore Gaither from Winston-Salem wrote on Thursday, 21 April 2005, 13:39:29 EDT:
E-mail: rubygaither@yahoo.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Hey there! Plan to attend the next reunion. Website is very nice!
Wesley Hudson from Greensboro wrote on Saturday, 19 February 2005, 22:16:45 EST:
URL: http://www.zonefox.com     E-mail: jameyandwesley@yahoo.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1991
Comments: Hey Guys! I just started a new site at zonefox.com and need everyone's help in popularizing it! Come on into the Forum and participate. If anyone has suggestions, PLEASE make them. Wes
[Anonymous] wrote on Friday, 21 January 2005, 23:25:41 EST:
Comments: Hi! Nice site =) Good luck!
Dale Friddle from Kernersville, NC wrote on Thursday, 20 January 2005, 19:47:50 EST:
E-mail: Friddle4@triad.rr.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: [none]
Debra Allen Pankey wrote on Monday, 3 January 2005, 11:21:21 EST:
E-mail: debra_pank@yahoo.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Happy New Year! Getting ready to send my two oldest daughters back to college (yeah!) and hoping that everyone will have their best year yet! Congratulations to Ricky Grubbs! You have past me by two but I have all girls! Will Not Try Again!!!!
ANNA ROGERS from melbourne, australia wrote on Saturday, 4 December 2004, 04:44:45 EST:
E-mail: annarog@hotmail.com
High School: siena college, melbourne, australia     Class: 1978
Comments: found your site via a google search for doug wolford. i met doug, wife karen and her brother dorian west when we were all on the trans siberian railway in the very late 1980's. we kept in touch for a while - i even went to dorian's wedding to cindy in 1989 in north carolina. would really appreciate any info about any of them as i would love to renew the contact - have such great memories of our time together and my job brings me to the states quite often. PLEASE HELP!!! THANK YOU

Class Webmaster response:
Anna, I wish I could help you. I count Doug as both a high school and a college bud; I first met Karen when she and Doug first started dating when we were all freshmen at North Carolina State University. I lost contact with Doug a few years back and, in spite of my best efforts, haven't been able to reestablish it since. I can only hope he'll reconnect with us eventually, so keep checking with the site... -- Matt Wallace, Class Webmaster
tony paschal from 1600 pennsylvania ave. wrote on Saturday, 27 November 2004, 10:08:12 EST:
Comments: hi to all. just a quick note of thanks to all that attended our reunion at freddie b's the other night. as jerry said it was pretty much a simple affair. it was great to see johnny crouch, kara reeves and ronald hines. thanks to pat simmons , lisa angell, and vera for representing the reunion commitee and coming to the event. also mr mark bullins made a surprise visit from myrtle beach. getting together and reminiscing about old times doesn't have to be about money or putting on your show clothes. it's about enjoying yourself. after last saturday's get together, several attendees have called and said we should do this once a year. i agree. we can easily rendezous at a predetermined location and socialize. last saturday was a lot of fun for those that attended. i appreciate the turnout and thanks to all. tony

Class Webmaster response:
The Reunion Committee's efforts over the past year to organize the Silver Reunion had nothing to do with "money" or "show clothes." Our thinking during the planning process can be viewed in "25 Year Reunion Committee Report #1" which was posted to the site on 7 February 2004. -- Matt Wallace, Class Webmaster
Kathy Dollarhite Hallman from Asheville, NC wrote on Saturday, 27 November 2004, 08:28:12 EST:
E-mail: wbkh@charter.net
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: The efforts put forth in the reunion are tremendously appreciated. As long as there is an effort it does not matter about the numbers or location -of course the more the merrier. It appears the success label is tied to one plan being dependent upon the numbers and the other was not. I am going to guess the numbers participating in both plans were about the same if not different individuals. The coincindence of timing is something I heard about that did not work for attending one or the other reunion plan. Some ideas for future gatherings I heard were: a big potluck picnic, a cookout at some big-hearted person's property (Mr. M), could we utilize the school property?, and if you wanted to travel a little the Grove Park Inn has a fantastic 5 star all you can eat buffet for under $30.00 (I know, convenient for me.....). The main point is the work, effort, and selflessness is admired very much no matter what idea is/was/will be presented.
Jerry Crews wrote on Thursday, 25 November 2004, 20:04:36 EST:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: I liked the idea for the second chance reunion; it was small and simple. I was hoping to see more classmates than what I did. But it was still good. Let's try to keep these reunions going in the future. Our 20 year reunion was a great turnout; let's try the same for our 30 year reunion. Maybe we can have it at Dudleys again. Instead of extravagant keep it simple. If it is anything I can do to help with the 30 year reunion let me know.

Class Webmaster response:
When the Reunion Committee was planning the Silver Reunion, we started with correcting the problems we experienced at the 20-year reunion: inadequate food, crowding, the conflict between "partying" and "socializing," etc. Our final plan incorporated a venue which was large enough to accommodate a good portion of our very large class, would allow for a partitioning of the competing festivities, and could cater the event fully. In short, the Reunion Committee went for a bigger, better, more organized, more accessible event, and all at a reasonable price. I wouldn't call our plans "extravagant" in any sense of the word. -- Matt Wallace, Class Webmaster
Vera Guthrie from Winston-Salem wrote on Monday, 22 November 2004, 11:54:51 EST:
E-mail: vera_guthrie@bellsouth.net
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: I want to thank all those who attended the Class Reunion at Freddy B's on the 21st. It was so good to see everyone. I hope you all had a great time. I know I did.
Darlene Cheek Stephenson from Winston-Salem, NC 27106 wrote on Saturday, 20 November 2004, 13:37:56 EST:
E-mail: darlenes44@alltel.net
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Just wanted to let the people who knew my immediate family, that on November 8, 2004, my father past away in Salisbury, NC at the Veterans Hospital. Also on that note, my husband SGT Clark Stephenson is away in IRAQ since February of this year and another of our 1979 classmates, SGT Richard Miller is also in IRAQ and is home on R&R til sometime this week, so I was just giving an update of some of our former classmates whereabouts in 2004. I would like to take this time out for all of you EAGLES to say a prayer for those who have someone over in IRAQ or just the fact that these soliders be it male/female that they all return home to wherever in the GOOD OLD USA safe where they belong. Thank You All. Have A Blessed Day.
GWENDOLYN FULP from WINSTON-SALEM wrote on Friday, 24 September 2004, 12:50:25 EDT:
E-mail: gffulp@hotmail.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Phil Money from Tampa, FL wrote on Sunday, 12 September 2004, 03:03:07 EDT:
URL: http://www.advantig.com     E-mail: pgmoney@yahoo.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Just wanted to say thanks to all those who worked on setting up the silver reunion. Sorry to see it was canceled. I was hoping to make it to the mini-reunion but I doubt that will happen now after hurricanes Charlie, Frances and in a couple of days, hurricane Ivan. 3 hurricanes in 4 weeks keeps ya just a bit busy. But it keeps life interesting... never thought I'd have to stop to let a jetski cross the intersection. Hope to see everyone there.
Lisa Sears Spoon from Kernersville wrote on Saturday, 4 September 2004, 18:19:45 EDT:
E-mail: lss@traid.rr.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: I am assuming that the word is getting out about the cancellation of the reunion. I guess alot of you did not realize the importance of sending your money in on the first pricing structure. I guess maybe it was misleading that the low amount of funds that was left over from the 20th. The reason for that was we did not have alot to do the 20th. We planned this one a little bit nicer so folks would have someplace to go and catch up on conversations. We heard comments from the 20th that "it was too loud" and of course everyone that was there knows that we ran out of food. It all goes back to "you get what you pay for." Yes, I think we all were looking forward to this one. So if there is anyone out there that would like to take it upon themselves and get something started please feel free to contact Mike or myself. Wishing you all the best, Lisa
Patricia (Haynes) Fulton from Belews Creek wrote on Saturday, 28 August 2004, 20:39:10 EDT:
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: I hate to hear we are not having a class reunion. Thanks for the Website it's great. I know it's not easy -- so ever who is responsbile thanks a whole bunch. God Bless Everyone! Be Safe!

Class Webmaster response:
While the Reunion Committee was forced to cancel Saturday night's Social, we intend on salvaging something of our Silver Reunion plans. We are working on some sort of get-together in conjunction with the activities surrounding East's Friday night football game, so please keep checking our Reunions page which will be updated as details become available. And don't forget your inboxes either. -- Matt Wallace, Class Webmaster
Clyde Fulp from Winston-Salem wrote on Saturday, 21 August 2004, 22:57:34 EDT:
E-mail: 1fulpst@prodigy.net
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Hope everybody's doing fine. I look forward to seeing everybody in a month. Gee! 25 years, if you say it fast you dont feel that old.
Terri Elizabeth (Hage) Ward from Lexington, NC wrote on Wednesday, 11 August 2004, 01:14:33 EDT:
E-mail: wardfab242@yahoo.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Just found the website, wonderful job there Matt! Can't believe it's been 25 years already. Hey Lisa, here's an idea, name tags: larger print and maybe larger pictures to, have to wear glasses at this age now, LOL! Looking forward to the SILVER REUNION... doesn't that make one feel old. By the way, who is this Boozer fella, I want to dance?
Becky Holder Karr wrote on Friday, 30 July 2004, 19:24:06 EDT:
E-mail: bkarr@keyrisk.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: I had a great time at our last reunion and am looking forward to this one!
Jerry Lynn Autry from Walnut Cove wrote on Sunday, 18 July 2004, 16:05:59 EDT:
E-mail: officemgr40P@traderonline.com
High School: East Forsyth     Class: 1979
Comments: Nice site Matt. Hope everyone is doing well. Married for 19 years to Pamela Edwards which is Rickie Venable's sister-in-law. I have 1 son named Dylan.

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