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East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979
Trophy Case: Award Sites! Rating 3.5

This page was last modified on 24 April 2008.

Please note: Award Sites! is an online organization which sets standards for website award programs so that interested parties can know the relative quality of the award based on strict criteria and rules.

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WM8C's Web Design Award
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Glass Flower Award

WM8C's Web Design Award

WM8C's Web Design Award: Silver Description: WM8C, aka Todd Strait, a ham radio operator from Michigan, offers several awards to recognize the "creativity and purpose" of other web designers and their sites. Sites are evaluated on content, general design, navigation, professionalism, and load time.

Citation: "Your site is very well done. You have created a great place for your class to stay current. You scored a little lower in content because your site is of most interest to your alumni, (see content criteria), but a great job none the less! Keep up the great work. Great Job!"

Awarded: 29 February 2004 as an upgrade from WM8C's Web Design Award [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

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Glass Flower Award

Glass Flower Award: Bronze Description: Mary and Leo Schultz of Rising Moon Designs "believe that web designers should be noticed and recognized for their work" and do so with the Glass Flower Award. Sites are evaluated on load time, design, navigation, browser compatibility, content, and organization.

Citation: "Congrats!! We are pleased to present you with our Bronze Glass Flower Award, AS! rated 3.5! Thank you for inviting us to look through your site. We were impressed by your concept and layout of the site. It's rare to find a site that is as easy on the eyes. You've accomplished this splendidly. ... Again, thank you for making the web a nice place to play."

Awarded: 29 May 2002

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